2021 Legislative session: good, controversial and interesting bills

We’ve made it to cutoff!

It’s hard to believe that we’re one-third of the way through this year’s legislative session. While things definitely look different in 2021, the legislative process is still the same and this Monday was the policy “cutoff.” This means all Senate bills that are policy-related and don’t affect the budget must be passed out of committee in order to still be considered “alive” this year.

Good, Interesting, and Controversial bills

Now that we’ve reached our first cutoff, I hope you enjoy my annual update on some of the good bills, interesting bills, and controversial bills being considered by the Senate this year.

Good Bills

Senate Bill 5358 – This proposal would provide a tax incentive to businesses that hire hard to place job seekers such as individuals who are homeless and those with a prior felony conviction. It creates a pathway to stability and self-sufficiency.

Senate Bill 5359 – This bill weans us off the gas tax and funds construction of our transportation infrastructure without raising taxes. Specifically, it re-directs existing taxes on the sale of motor vehicles to the transportation budget as opposed to the operating budget. It just makes sense.

Senate Bill 5283 – Remember the title-only bills from two years ago that contained all the last minute surprise taxes? This prohibits that practice and ensures you have a chance to voice an opinion before the legislature votes.

Senate Bill 5039 – This legislation brings a balance of power back to Olympia. Specifically, it requires the legislature to approve the extension of all gubernatorial emergency proclamations that go beyond 30 days.

Senate Bill 5000 – This bill would establish a pilot program to encourage the use of zero emission hydrogen vehicles by offering the same tax exemption as that received on the purchase of an electric vehicle.


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