BREAKING NEWS: Unneeded property tax hike is stopped in Senate

$6 billion tax increase stalls when Senate Republicans sound warning, public responds

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I joined Senate Republicans at a news conference Thursday as SB 5770 was poised for a vote. You can see my remarks by clicking here.

Dear friends and neighbors,

Ready for some good news from Olympia? We learned this afternoon that one of the most controversial bills of our 2024 legislative session will not be advancing. Senate Bill 5770 would have amounted to the biggest tax increase in state history.

This bill would have allowed local property taxes to increase at triple the current rate. Currently the annual increase in property taxes is limited to 1 percent without a vote of the people. This measure would have raised the limit to 3 percent. Your property taxes would have skyrocketed. After 10 years, this would have been a $6 billion increase, and it would have kept climbing year after year.

I joined Republicans in the Senate in sounding a warning about this unneeded tax increase. Public pressure did the rest. Support for this highly partisan measure faltered, and this afternoon its advocates conceded defeat. The people’s voices do matter!


Reminder: Town hall set for Feb. 17


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